We design and build pebble mosaic paving art.

    We create stunning outdoor patios, walkways, and indoor decorative flooring features. Each project is uniquely designed with the client and environment in mind. We listen very carefully to your needs and preferences to create oases of beauty within your particular setting.

    A gorgeous pebble mosaic patio in a quiet corner of your garden, or a series of mosaic stepping stones, will add a delightful decorative element to your outdoor space. Aside from their practical use, these original art pieces also add winter interest to the garden.

    We ensure quality design and installation.

    We use natural materials such as water smoothed pebbles, flagstone, granite, semi-precious stone, and other landscaping materials in any combination imaginable. These durable handcrafted installations are designed to be enjoyed practically and aesthetically for years to come.

    Please contact us with any questions or for an estimate on your dream pebble mosaic project.