Each project begins with the client and the setting. Following a brainstorming conversation, an original design is tailored to the client’s needs and preferences. Quality of materials, originality of design, and superior workmanship are of utmost importance to us.

Here are photos of some commissions created by Pebble and Co. Mosaics. Please ask us for more details.

Mandala Patio

This 11 foot circular patio is designed to fit a patio table and six chairs. The black and white color palette of polished river rock creates a bold graphic design that is enhanced by colorful plantings around it. This piece was built in components in the studio and transported to the site.

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Fuerst's Patio

This small rectangular 5 x 6 foot patio was commissioned by a couple as an anniversary gift to one another. Yellow, white and black polished pebbles were selected to create a classic mosaic design. This piece was built on site. Situated in a shady and private corner of their garden, it fits a small bistro table and two chairs, and is visible from the house, providing visual interest year round.

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O'Brian Patio

This large 200 square foot flagstone and river rock patio replaced a soggy patch of backyard that was never used. Using a simple combination of Gold Rush Mica flagstone and gold tone polished pebbles, we created a gorgeous patio where the owner entertains friends and family throughout the summer.

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Custom Welcome Mat

This 54” x 40” welcome mats marks the entrance to the mosaic studio. This is an early piece that was built on site.

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